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An angel in the bedroom, a whore in the kitchen

No, the other one.

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Birthdate:Dec 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"Women who pay their own rent don't have to be nice" - Katherine Dunn
"Like a busty David Aaronovtich" - wardytron
"A nice person to be downwind of." - rosamicula
"When woman inclines to learning, there is usually something wrong with her sex apparatus." - Nietzsche
"Come out from behind all those screens and be with me right now." - Adam Lazzara
"Probably the least creepy person I've ever met" - Cult splatterpunk author CJ Lines

Sushidog is a prophet and religious leader, who seeks to help us through life to our ultimate destiny, Deflation.
In his spare time, he enjoys sushi (of the real or plastic varieties), crochet, and girls with blue hair.

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adam lazzara's microphone antics, angsty punk gigs, backgammon, baking, baths, blue hair, bluestockings, books, boots, brains, bread, buffy the vampire slayer, cakes, champagne, chocolate, chocolate fingers, cocktails, cognition, cognitive psychology, cooking, cosmetics, crochet, crosswords, cupcakes, dancing, detective fiction, developmental psychology, difficult questions, dressmaking, experimenting on babies, feta cheese, food, forensic science, freebies, g. k. chesterton, games, ghost stories, gigs, godiva chocolate covered cherries, godiva chocolates, healthy food, humour, ireland, japanese food, juggling monkeys, kitsch food, le quartier latin, legolas, lingerie, logic puzzles, lush, lynz's backbends, makeup, martian sluts, moral dilemmas, more cake, muffin box, muffins, neuropsychology, neuroscience, old books, pangolins, paris, penguin greens, pitt rivers museum, plastic sushi, pointing at sharks, problem solving, psychology, questions, quiche, reading, relational frame theory, relational responding, sake', saki, salsa, scones, serrating glass, sewing, shrunken heads, soup, stimulus equivalence, stroppy letters, sushi, t'ai chi, tango, tea parties, the latin quarter, the smell ofthe crowd, tod a, underwear, urban legends, weird stuff
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