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Gruh and argh.

Lots of people seem to be sleeping badly at the moment; I may count myself very firmly in their number. I woke up last night, heart pounding and sweaty, having heard, or dreamt, a noise that may or may not have been a mouse. Then I lay awake with the blood pounding in my ears for a while, alternating between kicking the bedcovers off because I was too hot and huddling them around me because I was sweating myself cold.

And then, just to complete my night, I had a series of dreams about not being able to sleep, complete with various explanations not just for my insomnia but in some cases, other people's; one involved a snake which managed to open my back door (my unpleasant dreams the night before involved people getting in through my back door too; I'm pretty sure this is "OMG I'm moving house in three weeks" angst), while another involved the very pretty and spectacular electrical meltdown of a nearby power station, all neon pink and blue spark showers and ground trembling.

This morning I am sleepy, but I have to be up in decent time as I have someone coming round to eye up my worldly possessions and give me a quote for moving them to Plymouth. I'm currently worrying that they're not all going to fit in the new flat but frankly I'm too tired to think straight at the moment. I think I shall have a nap this afternoon.

Busy week this week; povvo cinema tonight, good company for dinner tomorrow, a trip to Sheffield with lovely officemate on Wednesday to househunt (she's seen one flat which is in a converted castle; I want her to get that one, because, well, it's in a castle), curry night on Thursday, and on Friday, oh, the joy, I get to pick up exam resits and spend the weekend marking them. Lucky me.

Ah well. My weekend was mellow; I did a bit of mild domestic stuff, incuding making chinois (rolled briche filled with creme patissiere), and spent a very chilled out evening yesterday with lovely officemate, stuffing her full of nice soft food (she's had wisdom tooth problems this week, so I made butternuit squash risotto and provided soft ice cream with no bits in, and home-made chocolate sauce, although she was sufficiently recovered to try the chinois as well, and declare it the filthiest thing I've ever baked) and drinking to my flat and her job in fizz which was possibly contrindicated by the antibiotics she was on.

Still, she made it home OK, and I'm taking the remaining chinois in to work later.

How are you doing? What are you up to this week?
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