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Some time ago, I wrote about some parts of me. I was going through a rather confusing and difficult time at that point, and was seeing a counsellor to try and get my head straightened out, and learning about the different aspects of me helped me a lot; actually, writing that entry was rather good for me too. What I didn't realise at that time (for various reasons which may or may not b e perfectly obvious) was that I missed out a part of me. And since writing about the first three helped, I figured I'd set the fourth down on virtual paper.
My fourth part, not the intellectual or the mother or the child, is a girl. Well, a young woman. She's very girly though; she blushes easily, and has very shiny eyes. She loves makeup and shoes and handbags and cocktails and pretty frocks. She flirts easily and comfortably, with pretty much anyone she likes. She's rather impractical, and a little irresponsible (fortunately she has Miss Academia with her to pull her up when she's being too silly). She's fun though. Fizz goes to her head and makes her giggle, and she's quite spontaneous (as long as Miss Academia isn't taking over). She aims for sophistication, but sometimes misses, but that only makes her blush and giggle more. She's gentle, not brash. She's a little like Cousin Marilyn from the Munsters, and dresses like her too, in 50's looking frocks and very "done" hair. She likes Mama, as Mama looks after her, and she admires Miss Academia but wouldn't necessarily go for a drink with her. She'll coo over the little girl for a while, and play with her, but she gets bored easily, and she doesn't entirely know what to do with her after a while; she's a little embarrassed by her.

Can you identify and personify the parts which, summed, go towards your whole (as it were)? Or is this something odd that only I do?

I do wonder if I'm going to keep on identifying different parts of myself every so often, until I have a whole crowd of mes (that looks as though it needs an apostrophe, but it can't have one), or have I nailed them all now, or is it just impossible to express one's whole self, no matter how many parts one personifies? Perhaps the whole really is more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps social psychologists should start looking at the group dynamics of the individual...
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